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a. Gypsum Plaster (or Plaster of Paris)
b. Building Plaster
c. Natural Gypsum Rock (dihydrate)
d. TerraCoat Ready-to-Use (Machine Applied) Plaster
e. Ceramic Plaster
f. Agricultural Gypsum


a. Gypsum Plaster (or Plaster of Paris)

The most popular product by Biogyps Karvelis SA. Our long-standing experience in combination with the excellent quality of raw material leads to the production of the best gypsum plaster in the market. Due to its dazzling whiteness and its slow setting, it is suitable for the production of high aesthetic standards plaster decorations in the workshop, as well as the making of statuettes with remarkable results. Also, it is applicable in the conservation of antiquities and other works of art. Archaeologists - Conservators confirm the exceptional compatibility of our product with materials that original in the ancient times. The plaster by Biogyps Karvelis SA is a natural product and a pliable construction material without any chemical additives.
Application: Plaster Decoration Workshops, Conservation – Reformation of Works of Art, Moulding Manufacturers - Workshops.
Packing: Paper bags of 40 Kg, 25 Kg and 5 Kg.



b. Building Plaster

For the builder that needs a fast setting plaster for improvement and flattening works  of great mechanical strength, the Building Plaster by Biogyps Karvelis SA is the ideal solution. Easy to use in puttying works, supporting, marble coating and mixing with other construction materials.
Application: Construction, Puttying, Marble Industry, Paint – Compound Industry.
Packing: Paper bags of  25 Kg and 5 Kg.

c. Natural Gypsum Rock (dihydrate)

Natural product, suitable for desalination of saline areas.
Application: Agriculture, Cement Industry.
Packing: big bags, bulk (homogeneous) cargo

d. TerraCoat Ready-to-Use (Machine Applied) Plaster

TerraCoat Ready-to-Use Machine Applied Plaster by Biogyps Karvelis SA is a one-coat gypsum-based plaster suitable for all interior spaces.
A human friendly material with neutral pH and the remarkable property of allowing the surface to breath, creates a pleasant environment in residential and office constructions, or hospital buildings.
The application of TerraCoat results in a smooth surface, ready to paint or for wall tapestry hanging, minimising the amount of time required for the work as compared to traditional coating techniques.  TerraCoat is an inexpensive product, as opposed to the traditional coating methods, as it is a Ready-to-Use mix that merely requires stirring with water and is used to cover far more square meters of surface without the need of puttying, finishing plasterworks within the same day and therefore increasing the productivity in construction works.
Application: Construction.
Packing: Paper bag of 40 Kg.


e. Ceramic Plaster

Due to its unique granularity, Ceramic Plaster by Biogyps Karvelis SA has the ability to model and mould every detail in your design, resulting in quality of surfaces that reach perfection. The exceptional whiteness of the raw material used by our company produces an ultra-white plaster for casting and moulding.
The use of the latest technology allows us to screen and discard every unwanted particle and dirt away from our gypsum. Our plaster does not contain harmful dirt (iron, hard particles) as it is produced by immaculate raw gypsum material, perfectly cleaned and processed along our production lines, where we have also installed big magnets.
The workability time of Ceramic Plaster is over 20 min, hence allowing for the smooth fluidity of the mixture.
Application: Conservation – Reformation of Works of Art, Moulding Manufacturers - Workshops.
Packing: Paper bags of 40Kg

f. Agroplaster - Agricultural Plaster

Ecological product for more productive soil and organic farming. Agroplaster, a specially processed Agricultural Plaster by Biogyps Karvelis S.A., is a natural non-toxic product that does not contain any heavy metals or other elements that can harm plants, crops or humans. The basic element of gypsum, calcium, boosts the growth of plants and the absorption of the elements of the soil. The use of gypsum has the capacity to improve pathogenic soils and to regulate the acidity of the soil in a quick and efficient way. Scientific research has shown that there are no downsides in the use of gypsum for agriculture.
Application: Agriculture, organic farming, farming with reduced/low usage of fertilizers
Packing: Paper bags of 30Kg and big bags